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December 2016 – Bulletin 73


4th December 2016 Meeting was held with select members of Executive Committee and Board of Jathedars in going through the selection process of appointments for Office Bearers and Assistant roles within Sikh Council UK for the 4th Administration. Meeting took place at Leamington SCUK Offices.


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November 2016 – Bulletin 72


12th November 2016 Executive Committee Meeting took place at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib, Smethwick. 2 nd November 2016 Representatives of Sikh Council UK attended the Met Police Sikh Association Gurpurb Celebration Event at the Metropolitan Police building in North London delegates included Ministers, Lords, Community guests and serving members of the Metropolitan Police Service.

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October 2016 Bulletin 71


8th October 2016 the first General Assembly of the 4th Administration took place at Guru Nanak Prakash Gurdwara Sahib – Coventry

29th October 2016 the first Executive Committee meeting of the 4th Administration took place at Ramgarhia Gurdwara Family Centre and Community College-Coventry Read on… october-2016-bulletin-71

August 2016 Bulletin 69

13th August 2016: A Consultation event took place as a first of its kind in exploring how in the modern times the voices of the global Sikh population can be factored into key decisions which have an impact on the community. Event: Modelling a global governance in line with Sarbat-Khalsa traditions-Putting consensus based decision-making into action

15th August 2016; Ernst and Young – The above event was repeated for professional Sikhs working in the City event. Read on… august-2016-bulletin-69

July 2016 Bulletin 68

2nd July 2016; Executive Committee meeting was held in Leeds

8th July 2016; following the post-Brexit racism that had occurred the Integration Minister, Baroness Williams, held a Roundtable to discuss what more Government can do to prevent events such as these happening in the future. The Sikh Council UK took an active part in the discussion which were held in Manchester. Read on.. july-2016-bulletin-68

June 2016 Bulletin 67


18th June 2016 The Sikh Council UK organised a discussion on consensus based decision making model based upon Sarbat Khalsa traditions. The Sikh Council UK was developed on this model. The Sikh Panth is at a point in its history where this concept needs to be revisited and given practical shape so that important decisions can be taken by meaningful and active participation of the global Sikh community.

The discussion was held at the new offices of the Council provided as sewa by the Gursewak Trust. Read on…june-2016-bulletin-67


April 2016 Bulletin 65

Judo Association Policy; The Sikh Council UK worked closely with the Judo Association and a parent to agree a policy that will allow Sikhs wearing a patka to take part in competitions. Further work would be needed to get wider international acceptance. Read on… april-2016-bulletin-65

March 2016 Bulletin 64


The Sikh Council contributed towards the review of crematoria provision and facilities highlighting some of the issues.


8th March 2016: the Sikh Council UK was asked to provide evidence on genome editing by Nuffield bioethics. This was done on behalf of the Council by the Sikh Missionary Society a member organisation. Read on ,…march-2016-bulletin-64