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Government has withdrawn the statements in Q5-Survey

Following our and others representation the Government has withdrawn the offensive statements in Q5 and therefore we are recommending that everyone should complete the survey from a positive Sikh perspective. Unity is the aspiration and arbitrary divisions need to be made
subservient to Guru Ji’s teachings. read on … Government has withdrawn the statements in Q5 – Survey.pdf

Farming Communities of Punjab and adjoining States

The 500,000 strong British Sikh Community has close linkages with the farming communities of Panjab, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan. A very significant part of our shared cultural and economic heritage is imbued with the land. Furthermore, our community continues to maintain close family and friendship relationships in these areas. file:///C:/Users/Standalone/Downloads/Memorandum%20to%20High%20Commissioner%20of%20India%20-%20London.pdf

We condemn brutality against farmers in India

Sikh Council UK (est 2010) strongly condemns violence against children, women and elderly people of India peacefully exercising their democratic rights as farmers and agricultural heritage of India. file:///C:/Users/Standalone/Downloads/Violence%20against%20Farmer’s%20peaceful%20protest.pdf

The new collective leadership team of the Sikh Council UK 2020/22 was appointed by its 21st General Assembly held on 3rd October 2020. Office Bearers are:

Gurmel Singh – Secretary General
Baldev Singh Bains – Administrative Secretary
Balbinder Singh Panesar – Treasurer and Chair of
Raj Manvinder Singh – Spokesperson and Chair of the Media and
Birbahadur Singh – Co-ordinator of Affiliate Organisations