June 2017 – Bulletin 79

Sikh Council UK hosted a BhaiBhan Singh 1984 list Press Conference lead by the S.Harinder Singh (educator, thinker and activist) from USA. Context: The 120-page list was prepared by SardarBhan Singh, the then secretary of ShiromaniGurdwaraParbhandak Committee (SGPC). S.Bhan Singh sent the list to Dr. Joyce Pettigrew (Northern Ireland) in November 1985. Several years ago, she entrusted it to Harinder Singh (USA). The list in Gurmukhi script details includes the martyrs’ name, fathers name, address, age, their children and attester. This can be found on www.1984.org. Indeed the “The list of 706 innocent Sikhs murdered by the State tells us a few things. Inaccuracies in Indian government’s causality citations, SGPCs’ preparedness and then discontinuation of the 1984 listings, and the need for open and just data-based dialogue on 1984 genocide,” Sikh Council UK calls upon the UK government and all parties to initiate an inquiry into the 1984 Sikh Genocide. The Council is committed to work on this matter, with all interested Sikh and human rights organisations.

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