Lights out across UK to mark First World War – 4 August 2014

Sikhs and Panjab made a significant contribution towards the British efforts during World War I. The wounded Sikh soldiers along with other Indian troops were cared for at the Brighton pavilion. A gate was built by Maharajah of Patiala outside of the pavilion to thank people of Brighton .Those that  sadly died were cremated on the Patcham Downs near Brighton where a Chatei build by Maharajah of Patiala marks the spot. There memorials to the Sikhs in a no of European towns.Several Sikh organisations are working towards commemorative events which include exhibitions, marching team of Gursikhs , workshops and memorials. It provides a great opportunity to  highlight the contribution of Dastaar wearing Sikhs towards the freedom of Europe .The Gurdwaras across UK and Europe are being invited to join in the candle light vigil on the 4th August this year. See the news extract below:
Lights out across UK to mark First World War

The whole of the United Kingdom will be invited to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War by turning off their lights — echoing the famous words of foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey: “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”  On August 4 — the day Britain declared war on Germany — the public will be invited to extinguish all their lights, but for a single one. The event, Lights Out, will complement a candelit vigil at Westminster Abbey and BBC coverage to mark the start of four years of cultural commissions remembering the war.

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