Welcome to Sikh Council UK

The Sikh Council UK is the largest representative body of Sikhs in the UK.  We are recognised as the national advocate for British Sikhs in the United Kingdom and at the European Union.  Amongst our affiliated member organisations we have Gurdwaras, local & regional Gurdwara Councils, Jathebandis, campaign groups, youth organisations, women’s organisations and educational establishments. Read More


Recent Updates

Press release – Sikh Council UK calls on ONS to support the case for separate ethnic monitoring of Sikhs


Sikh Council UK today wrote to the Office of National Statistics to reaffirm the case for a separate Sikh ethnic tick box in the Census 2021. Over 83,000 Sikhs identified.. read more

Press release – Sikh Council UK hosts Panthic Meeting


Sikh Council UK hosted a large panthic gathering at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara in Leicester on Saturday 2 September. The meeting was attended by over a hundred delegates representing Gurdwaras.. read more

July 2017 – Bulletin 80


Sikh Council UK conveys heartfelt sadness in hearing of the loss of Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji, founder of Everything13 and Basics of Sikhi. The Sikh Community around the world, not.. read more