1984 Papers- Press Statement Her Majesty’s Government

Released Papers on 1984 Golden Temple Attack: Press Statement from Her Majesty’s Government


 Sikh Council UK has just been advised by the Foreign and commonwealth office that:

 Her Majesty’s Government spokesperson said:

“These events led to a tragic loss of life and we understand the very legitimate concerns that these papers will raise. The Prime Minister has asked the Cabinet Secretary to look into this case urgently and establish the facts. The PM and the Foreign Secretary were unaware of these papers prior to publication. Any requests today for advice from foreign governments are always evaluated carefully with full Ministerial oversight and appropriate legal advice”

The Council welcomes the positive and timely step that has been taken by the Prime Minister and look forward to the report as matter of urgency.

The Sikh Council UK has been in contact with the FCO during the day and will continue to maintain dialogue .The Council acknowledges the efforts of Tom Watson MP , Paul Uppal MP and others in raising this matter. We would continue to urge that full disclosures takes place so we can call all understand what transpired between the two governments.

All Gurdwaras and Sikh Organisations should continue to lobby their MPs to ensure the matter is not forgotten or put on the back burner.



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