For Gurdwaras joining SCUK please complete Forms 1a and 2a.                  For Organisations to join SCUK please complete Forms 1b and 2a.                      For affiliation forms please click…Affiliation Forms

As it can be appreciated Sikh Council UK will need committed people with a range of skills to ensure full function of the council and issues it may address. Below we have outlined a non-exhaustive list of skills and reference groups required:

• Health and Social Care (including foster care)
• Legal and Regulatory Services (including Trading Standards)
• Teaching and Educational services
• Governmental bodies (Local, National and European)
• Media and Communications (including marketing)
• Self Defense and security services
• IT systems and applications
• Policy and Strategy
• Understanding governmental and other bodies on the Indian Subcontinent (including SPGC and DGPC)


This form can be completed to indicate your preference as to which Sub-Committee you may wish to serve on.  This can be returned by email or post. Download form here… Sub Committee Profiles Form

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