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Further to a number of queries  from Gurdwara Sahibs requesting assistance with developing their policies and procedures Sikh Council UK has endevoured to collate good practice examples of  Gurdwara Sahibs and make these available on the links below. These can be downloaded and adapted as required:

1 Contents Page-Gurdwara Policies and Procedures

2. Health and Safety Statement

3. Health and Safety policy

4. Fire Safety Measures

5. Fire Risk Assessment checklist6. Fire Enforcement Action Plan

6. Fire Enforcement Action Plan

7. Food Hygiene Policy

8. Food Safety Procedures Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara

9. staff handbook

Ministers of religion

Determining the contractual and employment status of ministers of religion has been a difficult issue for

tribunals, partly because of the spiritual nature of their work, and partly because the structures within which

they work can be idiosyncratic and complex. In this feature, we examine how the courts and tribunals have

wrestled with the application of employment law to a sphere traditionally perceived as being outside its remit….Ministers_of_religion






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